Monday, July 25, 2011

Signs of Summer

Top Ten {Tuesday}

Top Ten Signs of Summer

  1. Kids.  Everywhere.  Kids.
  2. Laundry.  Sunshine + dirt + sprinklers, pools, beach = lots and lots of laundry.
  3. Dogs.  Happily underfoot.  inside. outside.  inside. outside.
  4. Otter Pop wrappers.  Or at least the snipped-off tops.  Everywhere.  {see #1}
  5. Lost sunglasses.  {Check on top of your head, Mom}
  6. Doors left wide open.  {see #'s 1 & 3}
  7. Photos held hostage in digital cameras.  {I'll download them eventually, but I have a lot of laundry to do first}
  8. Drs appointments.  {Somehow, when I scheduled them 6 months ago, "summer" seemed synonymous with "free time".  I was wrong.}
  9. Camps.  Every kid has one.  They are all on different weeks.  drop off.  pick up.  drop off.  pick up. {I thought there'd be less driving}
  10. Abandoned blogs. {I mistakenly thought I'd have more time to blog in the summer}
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  1. cute list! It's funny we think in the summer we will have more time, when it is actually the opposite! :)

  2. Great list! I hear ya on the doctor's appointments...we're going to the orthodontist today.