Monday, July 11, 2011

They Really Should Consider Starting a B & B

We have just returned from a whirl-wind road trip through the Cascade Mountain Range in Washington State.  Literally.  The suit cases have not been emptied.  The fridge is bare {except for the beautiful Eastern Washington cherries we brought home} but we have coffee, so life has not ground completely to a halt.  The dogs are sprawled, curled, and tucked in very tired, sleepy positions all over the family room.  Jack and Indy came on the road with us once again while Lucy stayed at the Grandparent B&B.

When we retrieved our little dog late last night, Grandpa M said, "Lucy didn't even cry when you left her this time"  I thought, "Of course not, she was too busy filling out her room service request card for breakfast!"  {let's see, I've had the chicken, and it was very nice... how about I try the eggs benedict with a light hollandaise sauce...}  Eggs she did have.  Grandma C also made asparagus and white peaches.. all were a big hit.  {I think I'll eat at Grandma's more often.}

I have a few pics and stories from the weekend with the big dogs but my laundry, bills, and overdue books beckon; I really should go.  Just wanted to state for the record, I think Grandma & Grandpa should look into the dog B&B business!

~Have a great Monday, folks~

Coming soon... Jurassic Bark!

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