Friday, August 5, 2011

Before & After

Everyone loves a good Before & After, right?  I never was an Oprah fan, but her Before & After shows always hooked me in.  Each show has the requisite token guy with a beard and a flannel shirt to whom they give a shave, hair cut (& ceremonial pony tail cut, if applicable), and dress in snappy clothes that require dry cleaning.  Of course, the guy is a hottie underneath all of that... which the "experts" already knew, or else it would be like, "Huh.  He grew that beard and ponytail for a reason, then dressed in flannel to blend the look."

We already knew Lucy was rather cute {for a little dog} under all her wiry fur & hamburger grease stains.  The stylist (ah-hah!), Debbie, thought she noticed barbeque sauce on one ear.  Lovely.  At least Debbie was laughing.  {incidentally, Stephanie was not there...}


Lucy did great.  She shook quite a bit as we entered the Spa, but was reasonably relaxed within the first five minutes.  When it was time for Debbie to take Lucy, Lucy thought that was pretty okay.  I couldn't prove it, but it did occur to me maybe they pipe calming scents into the air in the waiting room{hey, can we get some of that to go?}.  Or maybe, out of her element, Lucy is much more aware of her lack of size and power.  'Tis better to go with the flow sometimes.


She even got a written progress report.  Apparently, she did fine with the clippers, the shampoo, conditioning treatment, teeth brushing, and the noisy blow dryer.  The nails, though... let me read the notes..."She did fantastic for everything except her feet."  Under 'Nails', it said, "Clipped two right feet, dog did not tolerate left feet."  Still, we made progress.  Perhaps next time they can start with the left.  {maybe she's left-pawed?}

As we left, we bought her a new chew toy - rings!  {her favorite}  Are you ready?  Are you even reading this?  Have you just scrolled down to the "after" pics?  {That's what I would have done!}  Well, drumroll please, here she is:

The bows (shaking my head and sighing), the bows were all the stylists' doing. 

She sure loved her toy.
She knew it was hers, too. 
She took it to each of the big dogs, shoved it in their face and then walked away. 
"See this, boys?  This is mine.  I earned it."

Yes, you did, Lucy.  Yes, you did.
{{Good Girl}}

Folks, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Thanks for stopping by.

With love,
Two and a Half Dogs
{now with bows!}


  1. Yup, I totally scrolled down to the "after" pictures before going back and reading the post, hahaha. Lucy sure does look cute!! This new haircut is much more lady-like.

  2. Well...I FOUGHT the urge...and read your great comments FIRST!!! Then, ta da! There was the beautiful Lucy, all glammed up and lovely!!! What fun!!!