Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Things have been moving at about Mach 5.0 around here as we round out our summer and embark on the fall train.  A few highlights of the past several weeks can be summed up in a picture.  Well, a picture and some bullet points.  Perhaps I'll number them.  Here's the picture:

Here are the bullet points.  I went with the numbers...
  1. Had nails done for Anniversary (15 years, baby!)
  2. Ken took me to Disney World for said Anniversary
  3. We came home and painted the house.  It's sort of Taupe.
  4. I am now so tan/pink/borderline OompaLoompa that my "dark" summer makeup actually looks just right!
Now, from what can't be summed up in the picture...
     5.  My daughter started High School classes at our homeschool co-op today.  Parents, as co-educators, are required to attend the first class.  This is all well and good, except I was in a great hurry this morning and accidentally swiped my eyebrow brush in my espresso eyeliner powder rather than in my light blonde eyebrow powder.  I looked like Charlie Chaplin.  A very tan Charlie Chaplin.   Well, sans mustache.  {thanks to the nail salon appointment where I also had my lip waxed, I was mustache-free}  Thankfully, there is no picture of this.

     6.  Oh, you thought this was a blog about dogs?  Yes, it is.  But since they are transcriptionally challenged, I help write the column, therefore reserve the right to wax on about why the blog has been so dead lately.  {Jack and Indy's paws are just not dexterous enough to hit one key at a time, and Lucy's only 1 and can't spell very well yet...}

     7.  The dogs had a lovely time while we were in Florida, Jack and Indy with our dear friend and Lucy at the Grandparent B&B.  It's been a week we're home, and Lucy still looks insulted when we eat chicken in front of her.
     8.  Jack has been in a perpetual state of Happy since we've been painting the house.  We're all outdoors, all day long. 

     9.  Indy does not like the side yard rocky ground cover, but will put up with it to be close to whoever's painting.  He just lets out a sad "hyrumph" and flops down.  Yesterday he adjusted himself three or four times, each with a successively louder "hyrumph".  At that point, I called the kids to come play ball with him.  Sweet.  Loyal.  Not the brightest bulb in the box.

    10.  Curious dog that she is, Lucy's nose is now a sort of Taupe.

That's about it from our hypersonic lives, how about yours?

Hope your Back-to-School is a safe, fun one;
remember to watch out for kids & buses!