The dogs behind the blogs

born 5/18/2006

Haystack Surfin' Jack.  What a perfect name, and completely ironic since he can't stand the water.  What can I say, we were surfing a lot around the time we got him and that sounded like a great beach name for our All-American.  Pirates of the Caribbean's Jack Sparrow was all the rage and I suspect that had some influence as well .  Remember that line, "We named the monkey Jack"?  Cracked our kids up every time. 

Jack loves to run.  Not just "go for a" (although that's his favorite phrase, with a voice incline at the end) but all out, "see-you-later-maybe" gone.  He would run for days if he could.  In fact, he did just that once.  We were back from the beach, where he had managed to loose his whole collar with all his identification in the surf (he ventured in a bit - it was a warm day)  Murphy's Luck would have it that our fence gate wasn't latched all the way that day either.  Just like that sixth sense a parent has when it's too quiet and you know your child is up to something no good, we all stopped for a minute and asked, where are the dogs?  We ran outside and saw the open gate.  Indy had sensibly gone around to the front yard and plopped himself down.  He knows who feeds him.  But Jack was nowhere to been seen.  We looked for Jack until eleven o clock that night.  Ken went out on his own until after one in the morning.  Luckily for us, Jack apparently runs in circles.  The next day, our neighbor friends were out looking for him on their scooters, while we took the truck to look farther away.  They found him sitting across the street from our house.  He had definitely not been within earshot for the past twenty or so hours, but here he was now, hungry and very tired.  He ate dinner and breakfast in one meal and proceeded to sleep through the entire next day.

 born 10/01/2007
Dr. Oceana Indiana Bones.  Well, once again irony strikes.  He may not be the brightest bulb in the box, but he sure is a sweetheart.  This time around, Indiana Jones 4 was the 'it' movie for our sons, and it seemed the perfect fit for our brown suede pup.   He quickly went from adorable, squishy little cuddle-bug to 105+ pounds of solid Lab.  He didn't realize he'd grown though, and often would find himself stuck under a kitchen chair looking mournfully to us for an explanation.  He still loves to cuddle, and although he probably would have made an excellent hunting dog, he is quite content sitting on his big pillow or simply lying around watching movies with the family.

                                             Gotcha Day 8/01/2010
Since we were certain we wouldn't be keeping her, but needed something to call her, we went through a plethora of name possibilities.  High on the list for both my daughter and I was Charlotte or "Lottie" for short.  It's a favorite character of ours from Disney's "The Princess and the Frog".  Besides, how's that for irony - a Little Lottie?  Noah, Sunshine, Daisy, even Kermie(when we mistook her for a boy at first) were all tossed around.  Finally 'Lucinda' popped into the conversation.  It had a nice ring to it and seemed to fit both her tenacity and daintiness.  Also, "I Love Lucy" is one of the kids' and my top ten favorite shows of all time.  'Lucy' fit her just fine.  Or Lu-Lu.  Or Little Lu.  Or more often than not, "Lucy, NO!"